Wizards Constitution

Wizard’s Constitution [-0]

You are a wizard, or are like a wizard—incredibly long lived for a human, able to recover from injuries just a little better than the next guy.

This ability is replaced by any Inhuman or better Recovery or Toughness ability, if any such abilities are taken. In terms of game effects, the uses of this ability are so minor that they’re really almost cosmetic; hence the zero cost.

Skills Affected: Endurance

Total Recovery.
You’re able to recover from physical harm that would leave a normal person permanently damaged. You can recover totally from any consequence—excluding extreme physical ones—with no other excuse besides time; simply waiting long enough will eventually heal you completely. Many wizards use this ability to avoid hospitals, where their tendency to disrupt technology can put others in serious danger.

Long Life.
As a side effect of your improved ability to recover from injury, you lifespan is significantly extended. In game terms this will rarely have relevance, but it’s why the Senior Council of the White Council of wizards can talk at length about the events of the American Civil War (many of them were there) and several can go back even further than that.

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Wizards Constitution

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