A measure of your proficiency with swords, knives, axes, clubs, whips, etc.

Special Notes

The exact weapon is more a choice of style than anything else, as this covers everything from fencing to a brawl using broken bottles and chair legs. If you are Weapons-focused, you have a leg up on folks who fight with their Fists; on the other hand, a Weapons user needs to have a weapon in order to make use of the skill.

Weapons allow the character to maintain some reach and attack advantage over a bare handed opponent. On a successful attack, a handheld weapon often causes more physical stress than would a bare-fisted attack at the same level, making this a more wounding and lethal method of combat. The downside, of course, is that someone can take your weapon away from you, rendering this skill entirely unavailable.


Distance Weaponry
Use Weapons to use a weapon with unusually long reach (like a whip or long spear) to attack targets in adjacent zones or to throw small handheld weapons up to one zone away.

Melee Combat
Use Weapons to make physical attacks and maneuvers (page 207) that incorporate the use of a physical weapon—such as knives, swords, clubs, and so on

Melee Defense
Use Weapons to defend yourself in a fight against other Weapons and Fists attacks, so long as you have a weapon in hand. (You still need Athletics to make yourself a difficult target against ranged fire from Guns.) Weapons also involves using a shield effectively which may compliment a defense roll or allow for you to defend effectively against ranged attack.

Weapon Knowledge
Use Weapons to make assessment and declaration related to fighting styles and weapons.


Good Arm: Thrown weapons normally have a range of only one zone. With this stunt that range extends to two zones.

Juggler: Throwing deadly items around is just par for the course for you. Catching them is, too. Even bare-handed, you may use your Weapons skill to defend against a thrown attack, allowing you to catch the item if you succeed on the defense. In addition, you may use your Weapons skill instead of Performance in order to entertain an audience with your juggling.

Off-Hand Weapon Training: You know how to fight more effectively with two weapons in hand. Normally, you may only take the damage bonus from one weapon on a successful hit; with this stunt, you may add half of the second weapon’s bonus as well (round up).

Riposte: On a successful defense with Weapons, you may sacrifice your next action to turn that defense into an immediate and automatically successful attack. Your attacker must be within range of your weapon, and if you’re mounting a full defense (page 199) you do not get the benefit of the +2 bonus when your defense roll converts to an attack roll.

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