The Sight

The Sight [-1]

Wizards and others have learned to open their third eye, perceiving the magical world in great detail. The downside here is that the often phantasmagorical images are burned into their brains—never forgotten, always vivid.

Musts: You must have a high concept that shows either that you are a spellcaster or that you have received training of some kind to open your third eye.
Skills Affected: Lore, Discipline

Arcane Senses.
Even with your third eye closed you have heightened arcane senses. You may use Lore as if it were an arcane Investigation skill as well as an arcane Alertness skill. You also gain + 1 to Lore when using it in this fashion.

Wizard’s Touch.
As another aspect of your arcane senses, when you touch another being who has some magic potential, the GM may ask you to roll Lore to catch just a hint of a “spark”—indicating their nature as something other than mundanely mortal. Even on a failed roll, you might experience some sort of sense that something is “off,” without being able to pin it down.

Opening the Third Eye.
You may use the Sight to fully open your third eye, with all of the ricks and rewards that come with it. See page for details on how the Sight works.

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The Sight

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