A measure of your prowess as an outdoors-men, covering hunting, trapping, tracking, fire building, and a lot of other wilderness skills.

Special Notes

While the Dresdenverse is centered squarely on the urban landscape, Survival still has its place, either by venturing out into the countryside (say, to visit a crotchety old wizard who lives on a farm), stepping into a particularly large urban park, or making it through the night in the wilds of the Nevernever


Animal Handling
Use Survival to interact with animals especially wild ones. This interaction ranges from calming them to training them to getting a rough kind of “communication” going. This includes handling beasts of burden and carriage animals as well as common pets. As such, Survival serves as a stand-in for all social skills when dealing with animals and other beasts. Which is not to say that animals are great conversationalists; but when you’re trying to soothe or stare down an animal, Survival is the skill to roll.

Use Survival to construct “blinds” and other ways to help remain hidden outdoors. On a Mediocre or better roll, you can construct a decent, disguised place to hide, which lets Survival complement (page 214) your Stealth rolls.

Use Survival to Riding horses (or camels, elephants, or more exotic creatures)., Operates much like Driving does when it comes to chases and most maneuvers. Further, Survival covers the basics of riding, from taking care of your mount to getting it to remain calm through a stressful situation.

Use Survival to find and gather things from the wilderness like sticks, bones, sharp rocks, vines that can serve as rope, and so on.

Use Survival to notice recognizable signs of passage and draw conclusions that help you stay on the trail of your quarry (usually in natural environments). As this is partly an application of deliberate perception, the Investigation skill modifies (page 214) Survival when you use the skill this way. Once you get close enough to your prey to be seen or heard by it, the Shadowing rules for Stealth (page 143) come into play.


Animal Handler (Specify): Roll Survival at +1 when using it for Animal Handling or, where relevant, Riding (page 143). Gain an additional +1 when dealing with a particular broad type of animal (birds, dogs, cats, horses) specified at the time you take this stunt.

Go Native: You’re able to survive nearly indefinitely outdoors, living off the land. Scavenging rolls (page 143) are made at +1, and the time between multiple rolls for a prolonged stay is increased by one increment (page 315).

Hunter: As an experienced hunter, you know how to track game in the outdoors. Gain +2 on any efforts to use Survival to track something in the wilderness or other outdoor area.

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