A measure of your available wealth.

Special Notes

It’s important to note that Resources represents your personal resources, including your regular forms of income, whether your job is “steady” or not. You may have access to an organization’s resources under certain circumstances; this allows you to roll a different rating than your personal Resources skill. Rolling that way means you’re expending that organization’s resources, not your own.


Buying Things
Use Resources to determine what you can afford to purchase or otherwise have are available to you. Passively informs the GM what your available resources are, but you may still actively roll Resources for large expenditures or expenses outside of the daily cost of living—like purchases and bribes. For an idea of the “cost” of things, see page 322. You can buy reasonable quantities of anything that’s two steps or more lower than your Resources without worry. With justification, you can probably also get things one step below your Resources. For items greater than or equal to your Resources, roll against the cost of the thing. If successful, you can afford the item; if not, you can’t. You can only make one Resources roll per scene. Some large-scale conflicts may be all about trying to outspend the other guy. Here, Resources might act as an attack or defense skill.

Use Resources to determine the quality of equipment you have available to you. You are generally assumed to have all the tools you normally need to do your job, whether that job is fixing engines or shooting people. Items that are unusual, rare, or illegal or needed out of the blue require rolls to acquire.

Use Resources to determine the general means and type of lifestyle your character lives. If you’re rich, you may not even need to go shopping (you have people who do that). Generally speaking, if something costs two steps less than your Resources skill, you probably have one already, assuming it’s something that would make sense for you to have obtained previously.

Money Talks
Use Resources to modify social interactions, Whenever knowledge of your wealth affects a situation, the Resources skill may be used to modify (page 214) the actual skill being used (usually a social one). If being less wealthy is actually seen as a positive in the situation (perhaps to gain some “street cred” or what-have-you), then the rules for modifying may be turned around, creating a –1 to the roll if Resources is above a particular level. You may use Resources as the primary skill in a social interaction where an offer of money is the primary factor. Bribery is the clearest of such cases here, though negotiations to get a cash-strapped wizard-for-hire to sign on to a case may involve a Resources roll, as well.

Use Resources to determine the personal tools and spaces you have access to. Workspaces are environments where you can perform a certain type of work, and owning and maintaining a world-class workshop, library, or arcane laboratory requires a certain amount of Resources.. Your home may have, for free, a single library, lab, workshop, or arcane library or sanctum of a quality equal to two steps lower than your Resources. As described in Scholarship (see page 142), the quality of a workplace determines the highest possible difficulty of a “question” or project that you can pursue their. The breakdown of the various types of skills that need work spaces is shown in the following table. See the respective skills for more details.

Skill…..Work …..Required Space
Scholarship…..Academic Research …..Library
Scholarship…..Scientific Lab Work …..Lab
Craftsmanship…..Construction & Fabrication …..Workshop
Lore …..Arcane Research …..Arcane Library
Lore …..Arcane Spell-work & Ritual …..Arcane Sanctum

If you wish to have a specialized work-space, such as a workshop that can only work on guns, you may have it at a quality equal to one step lower than your Resources instead. Higher quality work-spaces may be constructed, but they require a Resources roll with a difficulty equal to the quality+2 (or +1 in the case of a specialized space) and are not immediately available at the time of purchase (though additional shifts may be spent to reduce the time-frame, as usual). Keep in mind that a library doesn’t have to be an actual, literal library full of books—any kind of archived, searchable information can be considered a library for game purposes. So, if you want to have something like a computer mainframe or set of hard drives that holds scanned documents on various topics, you could also consider that a library. Many actual libraries even have large computerized databases now, as opposed to older archival technologies like microfiche.

By default, the Internet is a Mediocre library—extremely detailed information on a specialized topic is usually access-restricted or buried among useless and speculative information. If you want to, however, you can say that your library consists of access to specialized online databases (like Lexis-Nexis for lawyers) that would allow a higher quality rating.


Filthy Lucre: If it involves using money and other gifts in illegal or corrupt ways—bribery, mainly—you have a talent for making it work. Your dirty money travels farther, made friction-less by the greasy stain of it all. Gain a +2 to Resources whenever using it for illicit purposes.

Lush Lifestyle: Your wealth is well-established and robust, making you the man or woman who has everything. Normally, someone may be assumed to have an item that costs two steps less than his Resources without having to seek it out and buy it, assuming that it makes sense for him to have attained it previously. In your case, it’s any item equal to or less than your Resources.

High Quality Workspace: Instead of Resources –2, your “automatic” personal workspace (page 139) is of a quality equal to your Resources. Alternately, it’s still Resources –2, but it’s able to fulfill two workspace functions (such as Academic as well as Arcane Research). This stunt may be taken multiple times to broaden the number of workspace functions available to you, but it may never be used to improve the quality above the level of your Resources skill.

Windfall: You’re occasionally able to tap into more Resources than usual, such as cashing out stocks or receiving a periodic disbursement from a trust fund. Once per adventure, you may spend a fate point to make a single Resources roll at +4.

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