A measure of your leadership, reputation, charisma and social toughness—whether or not you’ll flinch and lose face in front of others, and how your image stands up to scrutiny and/or attack.

Special Notes

Presence determines a character’s social stress track (see page 201 for more on stress tracks)


Use Presence to make a proper impression on someone trying to size you up socially, without your knowledge. While the Rapport also covers first impressions, it is a deliberate, active skill in comparison to Presence. Much like the split between Investigation and Alertness, Rapport and Presence represent the active and passive sides of making an impression, respectively. As a rule of thumb, the GM may ask you to roll Presence to gauge impressions when you are not actively focusing your efforts on making one. Further, when you use Rapport to make a deliberate impression, you can call in Presence to modify the skill (page 214).

Use Presence to direct troops, workers, or any other group attempting a task. Any time you are in a position to give orders to a group of followers or functionaries, you may apply your Presence skill to help coordinate their efforts. This will allow you to establish aspects via a maneuvers (see Playing the Game, page 207, for more details). You can also use the skill to get a largely undifferentiated mob of people to behave in a particular way. If your action has a theatrical element to it, you can use Performance to modify (page 214) the roll.

Use Presence to defend against social attacks and maneuvers targeting your reputation. This is a measure of how well you’re able to use your reputation to help you achieve social goals and is not the same as fame or notoriety (Which may be better represented by Contacts).

Social Fortitude
Use Presence to determine your ability to withstand any kind of line of BS, smear campaign, or direct personal insults/inquiry. Presence is a passive ability, representing the size of your your social stress track:

Presence Score # of Social Stress Boxes
Mediocre 2
Average, Fair 3
Good, Great 4
plus one additional mild social consequence for each two full levels above Good


Leadership: When you talk, people listen. When using Presence to command a group (page 137), gain +1 on the effort. Further, your efforts to coordinate a group are efficient, moving one time increment (page 315) faster than normal.

Personal Magnetism: You have a calm confidence that others find appealing. When rolling Presence to establish a “passive” reaction to you (Charisma, page 136), make the roll at +2.

Teflon Persona: It’s difficult to make you look bad in social conflicts. Provided that the people present are aware of who you are, you gain Armor:1 against any social attacks.

The Weight of Reputation: Your reputation is such that it puts you in an easy position of power. People in power are good at scaring folks who aren’t. You may use your Presence instead of Intimidation to scare someone, provided the target knows of you and your “rep.”

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