A measure of your pure physical power either through raw strength or simply the knowledge of how best to use the strength you have.


Breaking Things
Use Might to apply brute force to demolish and destroy things. Using Might, you can damage an item over time or break it with a single dramatic blow. For guidelines on breaking things, see page 321.

Exerting Force
Use Might to modify, complement, or restrict (page 214) some skill uses that require physical strength. This represents the secondary influence of physical strength on the primary use of another skill. For example, climbing while carrying someone on your back might restrict a normal Athletics roll, whereas getting into a shoving contest with someone might let you roll Fists modified by Might.

Lifting Things
Use Might to lift, shift, or move other objects. The weight of the thing you’re moving determines the difficulty for the roll, though this might be modified by things like leverage and other factors. For a discussion of weight and the lifting of heavy things, see page 321.

Use Might to grab, hold, or otherwise overwhelm an opponent with physical force. See the grappling section on page 211 in Playing the Game for details.


Bend and Break: When successfully breaking an object using your Might, increase the effect (stress, usually) by two steps.

Mighty Thews: When determining approximate lifting capacity (page 321), consider your Might to be 2 steps higher than its actual rating.

Wrestler: Gain +1 to your Might when maintaining a grapple (page 211).

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