A measure of your occult knowledge.

Special Notes

Lore is one of the three cornerstone skills for effective spellcasting, along with Conviction and Discipline.


Arcane Research
Use Lore to research things related to arcane and/or occult principles. Lore behaves exactly like the Scholarship skill when it comes to the functions and methods of research, allowing most of Scholarship’s trappings (page 140) to be used, with the focus changed to arcane and occult matters. When a library is needed, it must be rated for providing rare occult texts. Such libraries are few and far between, and thus true practitioners often must contact the spirit world for the needed information, be it in the form of a bound spirit, a demonic summoning, or some other ritual.

Common Ritual
Use Lore to enact common arcane rituals someone else has created. Useful for to contacting and interact with mystic and dark powers from beyond. Common rituals that actually work are very rare. Most common rituals have been rendered powerless thanks to their distribution to the public. When given an actual, usable common ritual, Lore is the skill to perform the ritual to tap into the power of whatever that supernatural entity’s power is on the other side of the spell. An entity that is usually a thinking being, usually with thousands of years of experience in outsmarting humans who come knocking and asking for power. More often than not, a common ritual blows up in your face.

Mystic Perception
Use Lore to pick up on the supernatural details of a scene or event. These details should usually be extremely vague, limited to statements such as “You’re getting a bad feeling about this” or “Something about this place is just…wrong.” This is more an indicator that there’s something weird happening rather than a lens through which to see the weird.


Occultist (Specify): You’re an expert on a particular sub-section of arcane lore. This must be limited, but it can still cover a fair number of things, such as “Vampires” (see the “Vampirologist” example on page 148) or “Demons.” Gain a +1 to Lore when researching things covered by such a topic. You must also define a deeper specialty within that category, such as “Red Court Vampires” or “Hunter-Killer Demons,” to gain an additional +1 (for a total of +2) whenever the research focuses on that narrower area. This stunt may be taken multiple times, as long as a different sub-section is defined. Multiple areas of expertise may overlap, however, and in such a case, the bonuses of multiple relevant stunts may stack.

Finely Tuned Third Eye: Your “sixth sense” that can perceive the presence of a supernatural “ick” factor (see page 135) is unusually sensitive for a pure mortal. Gain +2 to your Lore whenever using it as an Alertness substitute to pick up on the presence of the supernatural.

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