A measure of your competency with firearms.

Special Notes

With a gun, you can shoot up to two zones (page 197) away—possibly three or more, if it’s a rifle (borders, page 212, may or may not count, depending on their nature). Unfortunately, without a gun at hand, the skill isn’t much use.

If someone is devoted to using Guns as a strong component of their fighting style, it can safely be assumed that they possess at least one or two guns, regardless of Resources rating (though whether or not they will be allowed to carry such things wherever they go is another matter entirely), so long as it fits the concept

As far as mundane, mortal weapons are concerned, guns are at the top of the heap in a fight. They’re deadly—getting large stress bonuses on successful hits, forcing consequences, concessions, and taken out results faster than other means of attack. Better yet, they operate at range, forcing unarmed opponents to take cover or close with you in order to be effective. There are two downsides. First, a gun can be taken away from you, rendering this skill useless. Second, you can’t ever use the Guns skill as a defense, which means you need a strong Athletics skill to cover you, just in case.

If, at the time you take the Guns skill, you decide your character is focused on using a method of shooting other than a gun, you may rename this skill to something more appropriate (e.g., Bows) and face the familiarity penalty when using actual guns instead. Under such an option, most Guns related stunts are still available with the unusual weapon

Remember: when a gun is drawn, it’s a statement of intent to kill people. Even a great many supernatural creatures will take pause at the sight of a gun barrel pointed their way.


Use Guns to place a temporary aspect on your target. This is done as any other maneuver (page 207). On the subsequent exchange, you tag that temporary aspect to get a +2 on the roll, assuming the target hasn’t done something to rid himself of the aspect.

Gun Knowledge
Use Guns to know about the specifics of firearms, their care, and laws pertaining to them. Guns users are also well-versed in a variety of small arms, large arms, and ammunition, as well as the care and maintenance of firearms. You may use this skill to justify making repairs to a gun or declaring/assessing things about firearms and or the culture surrounding them.

Use Guns to physically attack against a target. As an attack, a gun limits the defensive options available to a target. Targets are generally only able to roll Athletics as a defense, representing their ability to dodge and get out of the way of the gun or otherwise present a difficult-to-hit target.

Other Projectile Weapons
Use Guns to cover non-gun weapons that shoot at a distance, such as bows and other such artifacts. You usually incur a penalty (–2) if you aren’t specifically trained in the use of the item.


Fast Reload: Provided that you have a supply of ammunition, reloads are rarely an issue. You take no penalty when reloading as a supplemental action (page 213); if you’re in a race to see who reloads first, or anything else having to do with your speed or ability to reload, gain a +1 on the roll.

Gun Nut: Guns. Man, you know everything about them. You’ve seen them all, even the ones that nobody knows about. When rolling Guns as a knowledge skill (page 131), gain +2 on the roll.

Hand-Eye Coordination: Shooting and throwing aren’t all that different, once you get familiar with ‘em. You may use the Guns skill instead of Weapons to throw manual projectiles (rockets, grenades, boomerangs).

Pin Them Down: When Aiming (page 131), the aspect you place on the target cannot be removed so long as they do not move out of the zone, and any attempts to leave the zone face an increased border (page 212) of 1 as long as you continue to make Guns attacks against that target.

Target-Rich Environment: Gain a +1 to attacks with Guns whenever personally outnumbered in a firefight.

Way of the Bow: To heck with guns; you’re more of a bow and arrow type. You may use Guns instead of Craftsmanship to build and repair such items, and your skill with them gives you an extra +1 damage on a successful hit.

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