A measure of your ability to hold your own in a fistfight.

Special Notes

Generally, Fists uses your bare hands (with a few exceptions). Bare hands have the advantage that they’re always with you, but the disadvantage that they almost never offer a damage boost on a successful hit.

Many of the restrictions on the uses of Fists (such as using certain close-combat weapons, or the sorts of things Fists can be used to defend against) can be set aside with the right kind of specialized or martial arts training training represented by taking stunts


Use Fists to make physical attacks and maneuvers when you are using nothing other than your body to get the job done. Brass knuckles and the like allow you to use Fists, but in general, attacks that use a tool—be it a staff, knife, sword, or broken bottle—use the Weapons skill instead.

Close-Combat Defense
Use Fists to defend against other Fists attacks and against short-reach, close quarters weapons such as knives and short clubs (and possibly guns and really close range). It can’t be used as a defense when the weapon arguably has a significant reach advantage (swords, staves, and guns at any discernible range), unless you can justify it as an unusual circumstance. Fists can usually be justified as a defense against attacks that come from the same zone as you and rarely against attacks from outside that zone.


Footwork: You’re fast on your feet and have been in enough fistfights to know how to make yourself a hard target. You may use Fists to dodge attacks instead of Athletics, in all the circumstances where Athletics might apply (page 121).

Killer Blow: Add 3 to the damage of a Fists attack on a successful hit, once per scene, for a fate point. This stacks with any other damage increasing stunts for Fists.

Martial Artist: As a result of advanced training, you are able to recognize many styles of martial arts, using Fists as a knowledge and perception skill focused on unarmed fighting. This enables you to make assessments and declarations related to fighting styles and fighting culture using your Fists skill. Such rolls are made at +1.

Armed Arts: You are practiced with a small number of weapons as part of your martial arts training. Pick two weapons which logically fit in with your training (nightstick and knife with cop training, for example). You may use the Fists skill instead of Weapons when wielding these implements.

Lethal Weapon: Your hands are lethal weapons. When using Fists to strike an unarmored opponent, you are considered to have Weapon:2. Against opponents with Armor:1, your Fists attacks are Weapon:1. There is no benefit against more heavily armored opponents.

Redirected Force: You’re an expert at turning close-combat attacks (swung fists, thrust knives) against themselves. On a successful defense roll using Fists against such an attack, you may sacrifice your next action (giving this an effective limit of one per exchange) to treat the defense as a successful maneuver on your part (requiring no additional rolling), placing a maneuver aspect like Thrown to the Ground or Taken Off Balance on your attacker.

Step Into the Blow: When you use Fists to defend against a close-quarters attack and fail that defense, you may sacrifice your next action to counterattack immediately (with Fists) at +1. You may only sacrifice one action per exchange in this way; when you’ve sacrificed your next action once, you don’t have a “next action” to sacrifice if you’re attacked a second time.

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