A measure of your body’s resistance to shock, effort, disease, and poison and ability to keep performing physical activity despite fatigue or injury.

Special Notes

Endurance determines a character’s physical stress track (see page 201 for more on stress tracks).


Long-Term Action
Use Endurance to persist in strenuous and/or continuous activity without meaningful and substantial rest. The GM will call for these rolls when appropriate. Endurance can come into play in long-term actions as a restricting (page 214) skill, where your ability to keep performing at peak is limited by how well you can overcome fatigue and pain.

Physical Fortitude
Use Endurance to determine your ability to handle physical stress.

Endurance Score # of Physical Stress Boxes
Mediocre 2
Average, Fair 3
Good, Great 4
plus one additional mild physical consequence for each two full levels above Good


No Pain, No Gain: You can take a bunch of punishment before it starts to add up. You may take one additional mild physical consequence (page 203).

Tireless: Your Endurance is considered Fantastic whenever Endurance might restrict, complement, or otherwise modify another skill (page 214). This has no effect when Endurance is rolled directly, however.

Tough Stuff: The stuff of blunt trauma—fists, sticks, and stones—pose little trouble for you. Against such things, you have a natural Armor:1 (which stacks with other forms of protection). This does not apply to things like blades, bullets, and burns, but it makes you a beast in a burly brawl.

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