A measure of your ability to operate a motor vehicle and/or otherwise make their way about urban environments.

Special Notes

If your character doesn’t take the Driving skill, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t know his way around the city—he might just have to get at the information some other way, by using Contacts, Investigation, or Scholarship.

Operating a motor vehicle you are generally familiar with in a low stress low consequence situation does not require a driving roll. Character with mediocre Driving can still get themselves to and from place to place by automobile with ease


Use Driving when you are in a tense situation (such as a car chase) and are operating a motor vehicle. Driving is used to close the distance between you and another vehicle/car you’re chasing (or increase the distance if you’re the one being chased). It’s also used to bring quick resolution to the issues brought up by terrain and other obstacles.

One Hand on the Wheel
Use Driving to attempt to do something while operating a vehicle. If you are trying to do something fancy, like driving and shooting at the same time, Driving will restrict (page 214) the skill being used. This generally applies to physical actions that you can conceivably do while driving. Driving only restricts your other skill, there’s no way you could become better at doing something while you’re also driving a car.

Other Vehicles
Use Driving to understand how to operating a vehicle other than a car. If it is reasonable that you would be able to know how to operated it then you can just operate it. If it is significantly different or more challenging you may use Driving to try to figure out how to operate the vehicles.

Street Knowledge and Navigation
Use Driving to know your way around the city (both behind the wheel and on foot). Use Driving to declare/assess the existence or details of the physical location of a spot in your city. Under pressure, Driving is the skill for knowing the fastest way from point A to point B. If you’re not familiar with a place, Driving is treated as Mediocre for the purpose of navigation.


Been There: Your Driving is never treated as Mediocre for purposes of navigation, even if a place is unfamiliar (page 129); use it at the full value instead.

Like the Back of My Hand: Your knack for shortcuts gives you a +2 to Driving when using it for street knowledge and shortest-path navigation.

Pilot: Your focus is on aircraft, not cars. Gain +1 to your Driving when piloting an aircraft; choose a specific kind that you’re best with (helicopters, jet airliners, personal aircraft) for an additional +1 when steering that type.

Shake the Tail: When you are the one being followed in a car-chase, you have a real talent for sudden turns and daring maneuvers to shake off your pursuers. Gain a +2 to Driving in such a case.

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