A measure of your strength of belief.

Special Notes

Conviction determines your mental stress track and is one of the three cornerstone skills for effective spellcasting, along with Discipline and Lore.


Acts of Faith
Use Conviction to call upon the strength of your beliefs. When you are under a specific mental or social attack designed to undermine your faith (whether that’s in God, your magic, your friends, or whatever you might believe), you can use Conviction instead of Discipline to defend.

Mental Fortitude
Use Conviction to determine your ability to withstand torture, face intense fear, and survive other psychological distress. Conviction is a passive ability, representing the size of your your mental stress track:

Conviction Score # of Mental Stress Boxes
Mediocre 2
Average, Fair 3
Good, Great 4
plus one additional mild mental consequence for each two full levels above Good


Devout Words: The strength of your faith alone allows you to give others pause. You may use your Conviction skill to perform a block in physical conflict, potentially preventing someone from making a conflict action against you.

Person of Conviction: Your social presence is tightly rooted in your identity as a person of deep faith. You may use Conviction instead of Presence to determine your social stress capacity (page 137).

Resilient Self-Image: Your sense of self is strong, enabling you to endure more psychological punishment than most. When facing torture or other extreme interrogation techniques, You may take two additional mild mental consequences (page 203).

Tower of Faith: Strongly held beliefs enable you to protect your mind from the aggression of others. Provided you get a chance to pray or otherwise call upon your faith, gain Armor:1 against any social or mental stress in a scene.

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