The Halloween Night Arc

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City Overview – The Halloween Night Arc

Power vacuum after Fort Detrick’s annihilation
Estrella’s secrets and other monsters at large
Summer Queen is moving pieces
[Who is in charge? Who keeps the peace?]
[Dark Power and Monsters]
[Warm and Stormy Weather]
Angelica Neale – Local Police Sergeant
Lanarek – Demon possessed stray cat
Molly Carpenter – Summer Lady
Marlo Antema – Leader of Pale Horsemen
Leo – Local Head of Der Berhorde
Calrund Harfest – Summer’s Local Dwarven General
Grum-Grum – Harlequin Lord/Wyldfae Pixie

Important Locations

75-80 Dragway The Western Woods
Baker Park The Mountains
Alistair Manor St Michael’s Church

Important Organizations

Summer Court Pale Horsemen
Alistar Family Discordians
Coven of the Mother The Cadets
Hammers of God
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The Halloween Night Arc

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