The Estrella Knotley Arc

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City Overview – The Coven of Estrella Arc

Frederick is removed from much of the greater supernatural action
Surrounded by the history of War and Pride
Struggle between progress and tradition
[In the dark about the supernatural]
[The Past is Powerful]
[Civil Unrest]
Marlo Antema – Leader of Pale Horsemen
Garrick Emerson – Civil War Ghost
Richard Bagg – Local Developer
Callahan Alistair – Leader of the Alistar Clan
Father Claud Nichols – Ghost Exorcising Pastor
Michael Bailey – Antique Shop Owner
Mortal Status Quo
Supernatural Status Quo
-———————————————— -————————————————
Protests against new development are getting more and more extreme with some minor attacks having stalled construction at ForgeFire and Richard Baggs newest “restoration” project Ghosts are everywhere. Summer has a strong presence in the area. The Pale Riders keep to themselves but they have claimed Frederick for themselves via the Accords while the Allistar clan hunts down the more dangerous things that go bump in the night

Important Locations

Frederick High Carrol Creek

Important Organizations

Summer Court Winter Court
Coven of the Mother The Cadets
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The Estrella Knotley Arc

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