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Current City Overview

Dangerous things hide in dark alleys/sewers during the day and prowl the streets at night
Lesser houses of the White Court have homes here and free reign of the city
the Legion gang/street family is growing more violent and territorial
[Dangers in the Dark]
[City of Greed and Vainglory]
[Legion owns the streets and sticks together]
Commisioner Werner – No-nonsense Policeman & Politician
Kian Stavros – Business Tycoon & White King of New York
Marjorie London – Long time Legion Kid/Enforcer
Lithe person in a hoodie – Daylight Vigilante/Rescuer
Selena Raith – House Raith’s Secret Agent
Officer Ash Howards – Strict Beat Cop in Pursuit
Bleach Blonde Chick with a Katana – Midnight Stalker and Warrior
Father Lucian – Virtuous Street Preacher
Auda Johnson – Nun/Social worker with a Heart of Silver
Mortal Status Quo
Supernatural Status Quo
The cops are trying to keep everything running as smooth as possible and have little time for the ravings of crazy lunatics who think magic and vampires are real…. Much less running the city. Street gangs vie for power as normal everyday citizens just try to get to work and get home and put food in their bellies House Stavros rules the city with the support of house Vashura and other minor houses. They are doing their best to keep all the major houses out of New York, particularly Raith who lost a lot of power when Rudy Giuliani cleaned up the city causing the current regime to rise to power. The Black court wait peacefully now secluded on their island slowly growing their numbers and waiting for their day. Monsters hunt at night with only the fear of other monsters as they feed on their preferred prey


Top Stories

No Leads in the Apsci Laboratory Vandalism

Lead Scientists Max Ashcroft and Karen Chapman released a report today that the police investigation into the vandalism of their labs at Apsci Labs Pharmaceutical division, also referred to as Apsci Pharma or “The Farm”. "According to our latest discussion with representatives of NYPD. All the local animal rights organizations that initially claimed responsibility for the Vandalism have been cleared leaving all other trails cold.

“It is very disappointing,” said Chapman “The newest test of our Anti-Alzheimer drug was showing remarkable results even in these early non human trials and we were confident that the results of our next round of tests will produce similar results. However security is a main concern”.

Ashcroft then added “Apsci is a large company and the loss of a single round of early are not going to stop them from being n business nor stop the industry standard practice of Animal testing because the only other solution would be testing possibly dangerous new drug on people. These drugs, while they have the potential to improve the lives of millions of humans, may also carry drastic side effects that may be as bad or worse than the initial issue. So to make sure they are safe there are tests. Parvus has the ability to completely change the game when it comes to Alzheimers, allowing to finally put a stop to one of the most devastating diseases not just to the sufferer but also to their loved ones.”

Commissioner Werner responded that they investigation is still on going and he will not discuss any lead they may be following at this time.

Local Church Vandalized

Graffiti, a Baptist Church on East 7th was vandalized last night. Reports state that the front door was broken in and all the windows were busted out. Pentagrams were spray painted on the walls inside and on the remnants of the windows. Local pastor Taylor Field was disappointed in the vandalism but kept spirits high “Apparently someone took our name too seriously” he commented in a light hearted manner as he and several other volunteers worked to repair the damages early this morning. In a quick private interview he added “It is a shame that some misguided soul would do such a thing to our church. I can only hope that the one responsible for this desecration turns from whatever wickedness they have stumbled into and can emerge from the dark places he has found himself”

Bodies found Butchered in Central Park

Police found the bodies of 2 homeless men, a social worker, and a park custodian in the vicinity of Central park last night. The bodies were all partially dismembered and bore a symbol associated with the “Legion” street family that has been increasing activity recently. Police are unable to verify if the bodies of the homeless men were member of Legion or not and if this is the work of a group opposing the violent street family or the handiwork of Legion itself.

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