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Minor Milestone

Mostly for switch the focus of your character’s existing abilities or changing something on the character sheet. Occurs at the end of a session of play, or whenever a significant twist of a story is resolved, especially if that twist makes part of your character’s sheet seem inappropriate. These changes should be justified as much as possible, either within the story Keep it in character, so to speak.

Choose ONE of the following:

  • Switch the rank values of any two skills, or replace one Average skill with one that isn’t on your sheet.
  • Change any single stunt for another stunt.
  • Purchase stunts or powers, provided you have the refresh to do so.
  • Rename one aspect.

Significant Milestone

Represents actual growth of talents and gains in experience. Usually occurs at the conclusion of a scenario or a major plotline and/or once every two or three sessions at GM discretion.

Your character gets ALL of the following:

  • One additional skill rank.
  • One of the benefits of a minor milestone.
  • Spellcasters may reconfigure their focus and enchanted items and slots.

Major Milestone

Signifies a major change in the power structure of your campaign. Only occurs when something shakes up the campaign a lot (a few scenarios have conclusions of, or a long, large-scale plotline wraps up.

This is a really big deal; PCs are directly able to take on more powerful threats and have a wider variety of resources to draw on to face those threats.

GM has the option to increase the skill cap by one rank, allowing PCs to raise their skills up into larger-than-life levels. One skill cap increase should probably come every two or three major milestones, happening a few times per campaign at most, otherwise the game will get to Epic (literally) levels too quickly.

(To use a boxing analogy, an advancement of power is like stepping up to the next weight class—you might be the most skilled boxer in the world, but if you’re a featherweight, there’s still only so much you can do against a less-skilled heavyweight.)

Your character gets ALL of the following:

  • You can “clear out” an extreme consequence slot, allowing it to be used again.
  • An additional point of refresh.
  • New stunts and/or powers.
  • All the benefits of a significant milestone.
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