Tabitha 'Tabby'

Rebellious Granddaughter of Tatsuo

Name: Tazina Player: Heather
Template: Musts:
Power Level: Feet in the water
Base Refresh: 7
Adjusted Refresh: 3
Fate Points: 3


High Concept:
Rebellious Dragonblooded Gothic Biker Chick with an Attitude
Demands and Legacy of the Grandfather Tastuo
Other Aspects
Trained and Tutored by Master Torrez
Katherine Brice’s BFF
Woman of Many Names and Faces
Constantly Searching for My Father
Ooh Shiny!
Temporary Aspects


Average Fair Good Great Superb
+1 +2 +3 +4 +5
Alertness Athletics Discipline Fists
Deceit Stealth Endurance
Driving Weapons Lore
Burglary Contacts Craftsmanship Driving
Survival Guns Might Performance
Presence Rapport Resources Scholarship

Stunts & Powers:

Channeling: Fire You are able to use Evocation but only with fire. Two Focus Item Slots (must be used for Fire)
Human Form Indicated abilities are only useable when not in human form
Wings You can Fly
Claws Your fists act as Weapon:2 for attacks.
Martial Artist As a result of advanced training, you are able to recognize many styles of martial arts, using Fists as a knowledge and perception skill focused on unarmed fighting. This enables you to make assessments and declarations related to fighting styles and fighting culture using your Fists skill. Such rolls are made at +1.

Total refresh cost -4


Physical O O O O
Mental O O
Social O O


Mild -2
Moderate -4
Severe -6
Extreme -8 Replace Permanent Aspect

Background Phase:
What nation, region, culture are you from? What were your family circumstances like? What’s your relationship with your family? How were you educated? What were your friends like? Did you get into trouble much? If you’re supernatural, how early did you learn this? Were there problems?

Rising Conflict:
Who were the prominent people in your life at this point? Do you have enemies? Close and fast friends? How did your high concept and trouble aspects shape you and events around you? What were the most significant choices you made? What lessons did you learn in this time?

My Story: – Title
Guest Appearances: One Name, Second Name

When sent into break up a unauthorized gambling den, Tabby goes undercover to try to find out who is behind it. But will Tabby succeed when She gets ’backroom’ed by the muscle?

Kitlyn sees Tabby getting pulled aside and causes a distraction to try to help her get away

*Guest Appearance 1: – Street Surgeon Stories

Tabby encounters Maddie trying to help the injured people. She offers her assistance if Maddie helps track down the rumor of her father being in the area

Choose one of the options at the bottom

*Guest Appearance 2: – College Carnage

Tabby stole the pretty medallion that Eddy was using the channel ghosts, causing him to doubt his ability to help

Choose one of the options at the bottom

Guest Appearance Options

Complicating a situation: Your character has managed to make some part of the story you’re guest starring in uncertain. Of course, since that happened in the past, we know you got out of it all right (or mostly all right, as indicated by the aspect you take). When describing this, don’t worry about how the situation is resolved—leave that for someone else, or leave it open. Descriptions like “Trying to save a girl, Michael starts a giant monster fight” or “Thomas gets captured by the monster” are enough to get some ideas flowing.

Solving a situation: Your character somehow solves a complication that the main character in the story has to deal with, or your character aides the main character in the central conflict. When describing this, you don’t have to mention how the situation was created, just how your character takes care of it. Descriptions like “Murphy travels with Harry to the Nevernever, watching his back” or “Billy and the Alphas take on some foes to buy time for Harry” are enough to give us an idea of what happens.

Complicating and solving: Here, your character either solves one situation but creates another, or creates a situation but later solves a different one. Mash up the two ideas, using the word “later” in between them, such as: “Murphy comes to Harry, stumped by a mysterious case. Later, she helps him fight off a beast in a department store.”

Tabitha 'Tabby'

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