Shaun M. Alistair

Third Eyed Olympian from Frederick

Name: Shaun Alistair Player: Conner
Template: Emissary/Minor Talent Musts: Take Marked by Power,
Must take another small talent (The sight).
High Concept must mention what marked you (Olympians)
High Concept must mention your minor ability (The Sight)
Power Level: Feet in the water
Base Refresh: 7
Adjusted Refresh: 6?
Fate Points: 1


High Concept:
Olympian Hemi-Demigod of Sentinels,
Guardians, and Families
Champion of Hera
Other Aspects
Past Adventures in Frederick
Entrenched with Lady Shay and her Knight
Once a Sentinel, always Sentinel
Always Ready to Defend
Supernatural Family Man
Temporary Aspects


Physical O O O O o o
Mental O O O
Social O O O


Mild -2
Moderate -4
Severe -6
Extreme -8 Replace Permanent Aspect

Stunts & Powers:

Name Description
-1 Offhand Weapon Training Add half the value of your offhand weapon rounding up to your weapons attack
-1 The Sight +1 to lore for arcane investigation and alertness, detect magic by touch, open third eye.
-1 Marked by Power(Olympian Chaos) +1 to Social interaction with magically aware creatures.
-1 Beast Change Turn into a unusually large Eagle
+1 Human Form You have a human form (Must have 2 refresh of powers under Human form to gain a refund)
-1 Wings You can fly: covered by Human Form
-1 Claws You have weapon 2 fists: covered by Human Form
-0 God’s Constitution Total recovery; Recover from any physical consequence with no excuse other than time. Long Life/Immortality; lifespan is extended significantly, if not indefinitely, rarely has relevance in gameplay.
+2 The Catch Bronze.
-4 Supernatural Toughness Armor:2 against all physical stress, four additional boxes of physical stress capacity.
-2 Inhuman Strength +3 Might to lift or break things. Might + 1 whenever using that skill for grappling. inflict a 2 stress hit on an opponent as a supplemental action during a grapple. Modifying with might always gives +1. attacks that depend on muscular force are at +2 to damage
-? Sponsored Magic (Protection) Details are up to branden
-1 Demesne You automatically succeed at any declarations about the physical form of your demesne, and in combat you can roll Discipline to place scene aspects in the demesne. You can roll your Discipline as a physical attack against intruders, using the nature of the Nevernever to harm opponents.
-1 Guard This House As “Bless This House” flavored to work off the mantle


Superb +5
Great +4 Weapons, Discipline.
Good +3 Endurance, Resources.
Fair +2 Lore, Conviction, Athletics.
Average +1 Presence, Intimidate, Drive, Guns, Alertness.
Average Fair Good Great Superb
+1 +2 +3 +4 +5
Contacts Alertness Endurance Discipline
Driving Athletics Resources Weapons
Guns Lore
Burglary Conviction Craftsmanship Deceit
Empathy Fists Investigation Might
Performance Rapport Scholarship Stealth

Bird form

Average Fair Good Great Superb
+1 +2 +3 +4 +5
Lore Endurance Alertness Fists
Survival Intimidation Discipline Athletics
Stealth Might

Background Phase:
Shaun was born and raised in Frederick by monster hunters. When he started high school he was quick to form a circle of friends with a cheerleader, a jock, a childhood friend, and his cousin. As the years passed, he made new enemies and friends, and made old rivals into great friends. After some time, they rose to the challenge of saving Frederick, though not without cost. His cousin had to leave with their family, and the cheerleader had to face their heritage, but true disaster struck later when the childhood friend died in the riots. But even in great sorrow, hope can shine. Though the first riots were awful, Shaun found hope with Riley. The pair grow close, even as old friends left him, and soon, Shaun found himself as heir to the family home, and title of Guardian of Frederick. Shaun and Riley lived in Frederick for a few years longer, and they had son who they decided to name after the childhood friend. When Riley’s occupation required her to move to New York, Shaun followed her without hesitation, and they found a new home in the Big Apple. They had moved just in the nick of time, as the old house was attacked and burned down the following day.

Rising Conflict:
Shaun made and lost many friends in Frederick, and continues to make new ones al the time, but no friendship is as great as the one he made with Shay and Bryan, which persists to this day. Shaun has stuck with Shay through thick and thin, and found a great friend in his old rival Bryan. Shaun has relied on his friends to help him through his hardest times, and he will still gladly lay his life on the line to protect them.

*My Story: Ancient Adversary *
Guest Appearances: Kitlyn, Parvus

When People start to go missing, Shaun takes it upon himself to find and stop the creature responsible. But will he succeed when an irritatingly familiar face in the winter court stands in his way?
Kitlyn, Parvus

Guest Appearance 1: – Tea-time Trouble
When Vernon is tempted by Winter, Shaun arrives after being asked by Shay to keep an eye on him. When Shaun comes to blows with the agent of Winter, the two of them realize that this might have attracted more attention then Vernon can handle alone. Shaun decides to work with Vernon, both to make up for the trouble, and to keep his promise to Shay.
Other Characters: Vernon, Maddie

Guest Appearance 2: – College Carnage
Eddy finds Shaun already on the campus and after a bit of discussion, they realize they on the same case. With some persuasion (and the promise of some Advil) Shaun uses his Third Eye to find where the ghosts have gone, and tracks down a strange rune on the wall that seems to be pulling ghosts and people alike into The Never Never.
Other Characters: Eddy, Vernon

Guest Appearance Options

Complicating a situation: Your character has managed to make some part of the story you’re guest starring in uncertain. Of course, since that happened in the past, we know you got out of it all right (or mostly all right, as indicated by the aspect you take). When describing this, don’t worry about how the situation is resolved—leave that for someone else, or leave it open. Descriptions like “Trying to save a girl, Michael starts a giant monster fight” or “Thomas gets captured by the monster” are enough to get some ideas flowing.

Solving a situation: Your character somehow solves a complication that the main character in the story has to deal with, or your character aides the main character in the central conflict. When describing this, you don’t have to mention how the situation was created, just how your character takes care of it. Descriptions like “Murphy travels with Harry to the Nevernever, watching his back” or “Billy and the Alphas take on some foes to buy time for Harry” are enough to give us an idea of what happens.

Complicating and solving: Here, your character either solves one situation but creates another, or creates a situation but later solves a different one. Mash up the two ideas, using the word “later” in between them, such as: “Murphy comes to Harry, stumped by a mysterious case. Later, she helps him fight off a beast in a department store.”

Shaun M. Alistair

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