Madeline Walker

Naive College Girl with Latent Magical Talent

Name: Madeline Walker Player: Sarah
Template: Hero of Summer Musts: Sponsored Spellcasting
Power Level: Feet in the water
Base Refresh: 7
Adjusted Refresh: 3
Fate Points:


High Concept:
Naive College Girl with Latent Magical Talent Not know something about how the world works
Scholarship Rolls
Know someone from College
Cast Magic
Disrupt Technology
Unfamiliar with the supernatural Not know about something supernatural
Embarrass yourself to someone supernaturally aware
Unknowingly violate one of the Accords
Other Aspects:
Scholar with the Black Bound Journal Scholarship Rolls
Lore Rolls
Require the book for magic
Have other people interested in the book
Rebuffed Antonio Skavis Repel Mental Attacks
Deal with Antonio Skavis
Deal with other White Court Vamps
Savior Complex Be a hero
Don’t leave anyone behind
Scholarship Rolls
‘Blessed’ With Summer’s Gifts When Casting Magic
Deal with Summer Fae
Clout With Supernatural Community
‘I have to know how this ends’ See things through to the end
Alertness Rolls
Investigation Rolls
Temporary Aspects:


Physical O O O O
Mental O O O O
Social O O


Type Shifts Severity Aspect
Any -2 Mild
Any -4 Moderate
Any -6 Severe
Any -8 Extreme Replace Permanent Aspect

Stunts & Powers:

Name Cost Description
Seelie Magic -3 Cast spells that fit its Summer’s nature
Wildness, Birth, Growth, Renewal, Fire
Magics is under the sway and watch of the Queens of Summer
Particularly effective against faeries of the Winter Court
Once per Spell, may take a point of debt to Summer use an aspect without paying a chip
Two focus Item slots: Elder Gruff’s Stone – Plus 2 Biomancy Control
The Black Bound Journal +2 It’s a big heavy book of magic rituals and diagrams
- Thaumaturgy -3 You’re able to use Thaumaturgy in all of its forms.
Specialization – Plus 1 Biomancy Complexity
Two focus Item slots: Serona’s scribbled notes – Plus 2 Biomancy Complexity


Average Fair Good Great Superb
+1 +2 +3 +4 +5
Alertness Athletics Conviction Discipline
Investigation Survival Endurance Scholarship
Contacts Empathy Weapons
Burglary Craftsmanship Deceit
Driving Fists Guns
Intimidation Lore Performance
Presence Rapport Resources

Birth name: Madeline Aleisa Roxanna Kerenesa Black-List

Madeline Walker

Background Phase: “Innocent Scholar”

Madeline grew up an only child in a quiet, white picket fence home. Her parents were both busy and often absent, but when they were together, they were on friendly terms. Her parents worked hard at blue collar jobs, and Maddie worked as hard as she could at school so that she could get an excellent education. She went to an excellent college on a full scholarship, and then medical school in New York.

When she told her family that she was going to move to the city, her mother told her to look up her ‘uncle’. Madeline didn’t know that she had any extended family – her parents had always said it was “just the three of us.” She and her mother quarreled about this for some weeks – until her mother said in anger that she was from a large family and that she’d stayed away because she “didn’t want that life.”

When she arrived in New York she connected with her uncle, and found his presence in her life very comforting as the city was completely alien to her. She never pressed her uncle for more information, afraid of another argument. He never volunteered information, probably under orders from his sister.

Rising Conflict: " Rebuffed Antonio Skavis

Maddie is currently washed out of her first year internship after medical school. She is officially listed as taking personal time because of a family issue, but really left the program because her attending and teacher harassed her and pressured her to see him outside of the hospital. After she refused in no uncertain terms, he made sure her time as an intern was next to impossible. She worked every night shift and as many double shifts as the hospital’s policy would allow. She spent her time always in the ER – being puked on, abused and sometimes attacked by drunks and addicts, and stitching up wounds – some of which were inexplicably terrible and strange. Each week her attending would allude that it could all stop if she would decide to be a “team player.”

She quit in frustration and disillusionment, unsure that she wants to be a doctor any more. She moved in with her eccentric but kindly uncle, who runs a little magic shop in the city. He lives in a little apartment over the shop, and fixed up the attic room for her. She finds comfort working in the store – crystals and incense don’t remind her of the hospital or science at all. She also thinks her uncle is over protective – she isn’t allowed to go into the storage room or the cellar under it. Apparently his insurance won’t cover it if something falls on her.

My Story: – Title
Guest Appearances: One Name, Second Name

When young people from the neighborhood keep being found badly injured with no memory of what happened, Maddie tries to get them help. But can she succeed when the police are apathetic?

Guest Appearance 1: – Story Title
Other Characters: Story Protagonist, Other Guest

Guest Appearance 2: – Story Title
Other Characters: Story Protagonist, Other Guest

Madeline Walker

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