Lady Shay

Summer Lady


High Concept Changeling Daughter of Titania
Heavy is the Head…
Friend to the Pixies and Fae
Pretty Faced Manipulator


Stunts & Powers
Honest Lies (Deceit Stunt) – 1
Catch (Cold Iron, Winter) + 4
Inhuman Recovery – 2
Glamours – 2
Seelie Magic



Shayleigh was abandoned on her father's doorstep when she was an infant. Growing up in Maryland with her father, she never wanted for anything, most likely in an effort to make up for not having a mother. Her father did remarry to a nice woman that Shay likes well enough. When she was ten, during class Content Not Found: brad-motter brought her to tears causing the whole class to laugh at her. Closing her eyes tightly she wished to disappear and she did. She knew she was special but unsure about everything she could do.
Spoiled Sweetheart

Rising Conflict
In middle school Shay would have been popular if she put herself out there. Instead she spent most of her time in the woods behind her house. From time to time she would see and become friends with the pixies. No one else ever seemed to see them and her parents were concerned enough to send her to therapy. From then on she was pushed into after school activities (and learned to keep her mouth shut about what she saw), though she still made time for her little forest friends.
Friends in Small Places

The Story: Faerie Lights
When little folk begin going missing, Shayleigh sets out to find and bring them back. But will Shay succeed when she finds herself up against the local witch's coven?
Rosepetal is my Guardian Faerie

Guest Star: From Saints to Sinners
Shay was able to use some smooth talking to get Gabriel into a hideout.
Pretty Faced Manipulator

Lady Shay

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