Sterling Korvos

Local Warden In Training

Name: Sterling Korvos Player: Mary
Template: Wizard
Musts: Take the Sight, Soulgaze, Wizard’s Constitution, Evocation, Thaumaturgy and mention being a wizard in High Concept
Base Refresh: 7 Stunts & Powers Cost 5
Adjusted Refresh: 2 Fate Points: 2

Stunts & Powers:

Name Cost Description
Wizards Constitution 0 You can recover totally from any consequence—excluding extreme physical ones—with no other excuse besides time
The Sight 1 You may use Lore as if it were an arcane Investigation skill as well as an arcane Alertness skill. You also gain + 1 to Lore when using it in this fashion. You may use the Sight to fully open your third eye, with all of the ricks and rewards that come with it.
Soulgaze 0 You are subject to the uses and effect of Soulgaze
Thaumaturgy 3 You’re able to use Thaumaturgy in all of its forms. Two focus Item slots
Runecarved Cane-sword -2 It’s a Sword. Weapon:2 Melee.
- Evocation 3 You’re able to use Evocation, Two focus Item slots


High Concept:
Warden in Training Lore Rolls
Weapons Rolls
Spellcasting Rolls
Interaction with the White Council
Interaction with the Supernatural community
Stubborn and Impulsive Do something rash
Not Give up when you should
Don’t Listen to Reason
Other Aspects:
Rebellious Son of a Wealthy New York Family Rebel against Authority
Rescource Rolls
Driving Rolls
Student of Warden Jullian Lapierre Spellcasting Rolls
Weapon Rolls
Interaction with Julian Lapierre
Emotions Run Deep Boost Conviction for Spellcasting
Problems with Discipline
Get Emotional
Slow and Steady Caster Thaumaturgy Rolls
Water and Earth Manipulation
Increased Difficulty on the Fly
Rune-carved Cane-sword Can’t Do Evocation without it
Spellcasting Rolls
Weapon Rolls using it
Temporary Aspects:


Average Fair Good Great Superb
+1 +2 +3 +4 +5
Contacts Alertness Conviction Discipline
Fists Athletics Lore
Guns Driving
Investigation Endurance
Presence Weapons
Burglary Craftsmanship Deceit
Empathy Intimidation Might
Performance Rapport Stealth


Evocation Elements

Water, Earth, Air


+1 Air Control
+1 Divination Control

Focus Items

Runecarved Cane-Sword Sheath +1 Earth Defensive Power and Control
Runecarved Cane-sword +1 Water Offensive Control

Enchanted Items

Etched Leather Glove Weapon:3 Spirit Attack once per game
Potions 1 Free Slot

Rote Spells

- Malseka – water attack, weapon:3 shifts, 1 mental stress
- Argilo – earth block, 4 shifts, block 4 for 1 turn
- Uragano – air maneuver, 3 shifts, aspect “wind propelled” on self for 1 turn


Physical O O O
Mental O O O O
Social O O O


Type Shifts Severity Aspect
Any -2 Mild
Any -4 Moderate
Any -6 Severe
Any -8 Extreme Replace Permanent Aspect

Background Phase:

Long Island
Bit of a wild child
Sent to New York Boarding School
Hung out with kids from the Bronx
Lost touch with them after boarding school
Light Trouble maker at boarding school
A whole bunch before: petty theft, smoking and drinking more rebellious kid than hardened criminal
Learned you were supernatural at boarding school when he started frying computers

Rising Conflict:

Several months into his stay at boarding school. The school’s fencing instructor, a member of the venatori umbroum recognized his talents and brought him to the attention of the wardens. Trained by a warden along side Riley. Had to learn emotional control and kinda took it to extreme.
very black and white morality

My Story: -
Guest Appearances:

When Warden Jullian Lapierre tells Korvos of a Warlock in New York, Korvos follows along to find the warlock and bring the warlock to justice, but will Korvos succeed when the warlock turns out to just be a 14 year old kids?

Guest Appearance 1: – Street Smarts
Other Characters: Kitlyn, Maddie, Eddie

When street kids go missing, Kitlyn tries to find out what’s happening. But will Kitlyn succeed when the police refuse to get involved?

Korvos uses a spell to try to locate the kids who disappeared

Guest Appearance 2: -
Other Characters: Tabitha, Kitlyn, Shaun

Korvos helps Tabitha when she is attacked by an unknown assailant and helps fight him off but lets her know about the possible black magic involvement

Sterling Korvos

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