Kitlyn Renard

Kitsune Kin from the Streets

Power Level: Feet in the water
Base Refresh: 7
Adjusted Refresh: 1
Fate Points:


High Concept: Kitsune Kin from the Streets
Trouble: Stole from Felix “The Fox” D’Esposito
Other Aspects
Searching for Where Her Tail Came From
Crazy Like a Fox
Maddie’s Girl
Locked or Unlocked, It’s All the Same to Me
Owes a Debt to Leena & Serona
Temporary Aspects
Missing Eye


Physical O O O
Mental O O
Social O O O


Mild -2
Moderate -4
Severe -6
Extreme -8 Replace Permanent Aspect

Stunts & Powers:

Beast Change – Fox -1
Claws -1
Diminutive Size -1
Inhuman Speed -2
Human Form +1
Kitsune’s Constitution 0
Glamours -2



Average Fair Good Great Superb
+1 +2 +3 +4 +5
Fists Investigation Alertness Deceit
Rapport Endurance Athletics Burglary
Driving Stealth
Presence Contacts
Conviction Craftsmanship Discipline
Empathy Guns Intimidation Lore
Might Performance Resources Scholarship
Survival Weapons


Average Fair Good Great Superb
+1 +2 +3 +4 +5
Performance Endurance Deceit Alertness
Driving Investigation Fists Athletics
Presence Stealth
Survival Burglary
Contacts Conviction Craftsmanship Discipline
Empathy Guns Intimidation Lore
Might Rapport Resources
Scholarship Weapons



Background: Where did you come from?

Kitlyn grew up in a single parent home, never knowing her father. Her mother died in a car accident when she was only 6 years old. With no other family to take her in, she was shipped off to a state run orphanage. Completely out of place, it was only a few months before she ran away and ended up living on the streets. She found a new family of other street kids who helped her survive the harsh life.

Rising Conflict: What shaped you?

Felix had seemed like a nice man, only a handful of years older than Kitlyn, when he tried to get her to leave her friends to join up with his gang, the Silent Footsteps. She went along with him, thinking that his nickname, the Fox, meant that he might have a similar heritage to her own and be able to find her father. It didn’t take her long to realize that he was only interested in her looks, so she fled, starting a rivalry between her own group and the Silent Footsteps. Stealing from Felix became a game after this.

The Story: What was your first adventure?

Guest Appearances: Maddie, Second Name

Street Smarts
When street kids go missing, Kitlyn tries to find out what’s happening. But will Kitlyn succeed when the police refuse to get involved?

Guest Appearance 1: – Ancient Adversary
Other Characters: Shaun, Parvus

Guest Appearance 2: – Story Title
Other Characters: Story Protagonist, Other Guest

Kitlyn Renard

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