Jacob Marksman

Teenage Paranormal Investigator Turned Winter Agent


Age: 17

High Concept: Mab’s Agent/Investigator


  • Mab’s Special Training
  • Network of Wee Folk Friends & Paranet People
  • Investigator not a Fighter

Superb +5: Alertness,
Great +4: Rapport, Investigation, Weapons
Good +3: Conviction, Lore, Presence
Fair +2: Resources, Scholarship, Stealth, Performance
Average +1: Endurance, Weapons, Contacts, Discipline, Athletics

Physical: OO
Mental: OOOO
Social: OOOO

Mild – 2:
Moderate – 4:
Severe – 6:

Extreme – 8:

Stunts & Powers:

  • Inhuman Speed +2
  • Inhuman Strength +2
  • Supernatural Recovery +4
  • Supernatural Toughness +4
  • The Catch [Iron] +6
  • Sponsored Spellcasting -4
  • Wee Folk Contacts: Use Lore for gather information.
  • Trustworthy Face: +1 to Rapport rolls

This book was found in a old wooden chest in a building marked for demolition. The contents are old but the intro can still be read.
The book is signed Tazer J. Marks

" I don’t remember much about my life before I was placed with my uncle. He just told me that my parents died because they were in a cult. He refrained from telling me that the reports said the cult leader used a flame thrower. That’s odd, as I got my hands on the photos. He did not have a tank or even a nozzle. The people on the Paranet tell me he was a rogue wizard. If it was not for the photos I would have called them crazy.
I told my niece Alice about it and she might belive it. I will have to talk to these paranet people. Mabye what else they say might be true."

We are working on the rest of the book now.

Jacob Marksman

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