Edgar “Eddy” Denton

Summer's Ghost Speaking Paranormal Investigator

Name: Edgar “Eddy” Denton Player: Travis
Template: Minor Talent Musts: High Concept must mention talent(Ghost Speaker).
Power Level: Feet in the water
Base Refresh: 7
Adjusted Refresh: 3


High Concept:
Summer’s Ghost Speaking Paranormal Investigator Investigation Rolls
Lore Rolls
Interact with Ghosts
Know about the Supernatural
Interact with Summer
Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist Spout Crazy Theories
Freak out about something
Lose a Night’s Sleep
Not be taken seriously
Other Aspects:
Well-Off Weirdo Not be taken seriously
Rescoruce Rolls
Lore Rolls
PRISM Agent in Training Investigation Rolls
Lore Rolls
Interaction with PRISM
Kathy Brice’s Boyfriend Interactions with Kathy Brice
Rapport Rolls
Deceit Rolls
Outcasts Unite! Interaction with the other PCs
Interaction with other Outcasts
Rapport Rolls
Student of Master Torrez Fists Rolls
Discipline Rolls
Interaction with Master Torrez & Chinatown
Temporary Aspects:


Physical O O O
Mental O O O
Social O O


Type Shifts Severity Aspect
Any -2 Mild
Any -4 Moderate
Any -6 Severe
Any -8 Extreme Replace Permanent Aspect

Stunts & Powers:

Name Cost Description
Ghost Speaker -1 You have no problems perceiving the presence of spirits and ghosts
Spirits and ghosts have no problem perceiving you
You can speak and otherwise communicate with ghosts and spirits
The dead seek you out
May use Contacts for Ghosts and Spirits
Marked By Summer -1 Plus 1 to all social skill roles in the magical community
Your actions may reflect on Summer
Inhuman Strength -2 Plus 3 to lifting or breaking things with Might
Plus 1 to Might while grappling
Inflict a supplemental 2 stress hit during a grapple
When Might modifies a skill always gain plus 1
Plus 2 damage to attacks that depend on muscular force


Average Fair Good Great Superb
+1 +2 +3 +4 +5
Empathy Alertness Driving Athletics
Endurance Investigation Fists
Might Lore Contacts
Scholarship Conviction
Burglary Craftsmanship Deceit
Discipline Guns Intimidation
Performance Presence Stealth
Survival Weapons

Background Phase:
Both of Eddy’s parents died when he was very young, barely old enough to remember them. He was raised by his childless aunt(father’s sister) and uncle, Melanie and Ethan Bade. Melanie was very caring and kind, while Ethan tended to be distant and cool. His aunt and uncle were fairly well off, as Ethan was a good stock broker(Melanie taught at a public middle school). His guardians paid to have Eddy put in private schools, and he did well until high school- when he discovered his ability to see ghosts. In school, he was very quiet and made few friends, at times picked on by others, which became worse as his ability developed. As he focused more and more on the supernatural, his grades began to slip and he began clashing with his uncle.
Aspect: Well-Off Weirdo

Rising Conflict:
After a huge fight with his uncle over his stagnant grades, Eddy drops out of college to join the amateur paranormal investigators “Specter Seekers”. Ethan kicks Eddy out of the house, and demands he renounce his abnormal hobby and go back to college before he can come back. After suddenly being cut-off from funds, Eddy quickly finds a minimum wage job and deals with poverty for the first time. When he isn’t working, his ability to find strongly haunted locations propels the Specter Seekers from obscurity to minor YouTube celebrities. But just as soon as the Seekers started to gain attention of the masses, they gained the attention of something else. Suddenly their channel is deleted, equipment totally destroyed, and it seemed as though fate itself convened to keep the group from re-forming.
Aspect: The Truth is Out There

My Story: – College Carnage
Guest Appearances: Vernon, Shaun

When a string of strange deaths occurs at the university he previously dropped out of, Eddy returns to his old campus to solve the mystery. But will Eddy succeed when his ghost speaking abilities prove useless for the first time?

The murders turn out to be creatures from the never never able to attack mortal spirits as well as physical forms. One attempts to attack Vernon, but is not able to feed off a part-fae soul and explodes into a vaguely apple-scented cloud. I’ll flesh this out better when I have time. (Aspect: Unnatural nature)

Eddy finds Shaun already on the campus and after a bit of discussion, they realize they on the same case. With some persuasion (and the promise of some Advil) Shaun uses his Third Eye to find where the ghosts have gone, and tracks down a strange rune on the wall that seems to be pulling ghosts and people alike into The Never Never.

Guest Appearance 1: – Rodent Reaver
Other Characters: Parvus I, Vernon

Solving a situation: After a chance encounter, Eddy uses his investigative skills to help Parvus track down the missing rats. Aspect: Outcasts Unite!

Guest Appearance 2: – Street Smarts
Other Characters: Kitlyn, Maddie

Complicating a situation: While snooping around for the missing kids, Eddy draws the ire of a local gang, who suspect he’s reporting to the police. Aspect: Intrusive Investigator

Edgar “Eddy” Denton

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